Based in London, promotes 'environmental' products and services.

We sell Eco cloths: the Mabu wood fibre cloth, bamboo fibre cloths, 'E' microfibre and macrofibre cloths. All quality cloths. 

NEW: The Mabu wood fibre cloth is now available in quantities of up to 24. The Mabu Cloth is hygienic and naturally bacteria resistant. The innovative 'E' and Macrofibre cloths only require water, no chemicals. All are tough and durable. For the Mabu cloth and all cleaning cloths, click on "cleaning". 

New: in the GIFTS section: the bodyflik, a human squeegee, elegantly designed and available in bright colours. Scrapes most water from the body leaving one's towel drier. Also, The Chillow is a cooling pillow for aches, pains, sunburns and hotness in the body.