Flowering & Fruiting Compost Tea Combo

VAT included
This Flowering and Fruiting pack has been designed for use when flowers and vegetables are starting to grow. The Compost tea pack contains the compost and starters to make a biologically active brew. Also contain in the pack is our BioBooster Organic High K Feed. The High K feed provides plants an accessible source of Potassium. Potassium is essential in the growth and development of fruits, v

Contains a tested and unique, biologically diverse compost and activating nutrients

BioBooster Organic High K (3.0.8) to enhance flowering and fruiting. For application on flowers, shrubs, vegetables, trees and lawns. Accelerates plant growth, fruit and vegetable yields. Promotes natural plant health. Designed to be used with our 15L and 30L Compost Tea Brewer.