Symbio Blue Water Junior

VAT included
Symbio Blue Water Junior

Symbio Blue Water is a natural formulation of bacteria, enzymes and buffers and dispersing agents that help to prevent algae blooms. Chemical free algae and blanket weed management in your pond or lake.

Prevents blanket weed and algal blooms Helps to prevent green and cloudy water Reduces organic silt build-up Eliminates odour problems Non-chemical, safe for fish and ponds wildlife

Not suitable for use with UV filters or any filter designed to kill bacteria and fungi.

Application rate For ponds less than 22m3 (5,000 gallons): Place 1 scoop (25g) in the pond per 11m3 (2500 gallons) every month during the summer. For ponds greater than 22m3, (5000 gallons): Place 1 scoop (25g) in the pond per 22m3 every 2 weeks over the summer.